Invitations By Ashley Begley

Ashley identified her passion at an early age and has been drawing, painting and creating her entire life. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design and received a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design and Textiles. After spending a few years on the west coast, she was completely moved by the change of pace and expression compared to that of the east coast, and came back east with the urge to start something new. Ashley has been designing textiles for the last seven years, as her passions continue to evolve with a firm grounding in the arts. She is inspired by Abstract expressionism and has always been interested in mark making. She has a very gestural hand, which translates differently when applied in various scales. Her work converges between watercolor fluidity and applied design structure. With the knowledge from her Graphic Design degree, and her history of a fine arts foundation she has built an interesting breadth of work through the lenses of both a fine artist and a designer.