Die Cutting and Laser Cutting (special shapes)

For creating special shapes, we use traditional die cutting or laser cutting, depending on the intricacy of the design. Die cutting requires a steel-rule die, which is locked in a press, and works like a big cookie cutter. It’s great for circles and other shapes without fine details in the design. For the most intricate of shapes, laser cutting is the solution. It’s perfect for custom card holders, sleeves, folders and even the invitation itself!

Edge Painting

Edge painting is great for thick stock, and a perfect way to add a pop of color to your invitation package. We can custom mix the paint colors to match the color of your choice. Keep in mind that edge painting in neutral colors or light colors isn’t always as effective as a bright color.

Custom Stocks (paper laminating)

Paper laminating, also known as mounting or duplexing, is a process of gluing one sheet to another in order to produce thicker, more luxurious feeling stock. Our house cotton stock comes standard in 1 and 2-ply, and by utilizing paper laminating, we can increase that to 4-ply or higher. Most colored or textured papers can be mounted to our house cotton or one of our numerous available custom stocks, creating limitless options for custom mounted paper.